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February 19, 2013 / lanceblair

Tapp Francke Ingolia’s Butternut Squash and Cashew Soup

I love Butternut Squash. Cashews? You have to slap my wrist with slowly increasing intensity to get me to stop raiding the cashews tin in the pantry. Then, maybe then, I might stop chowing down on them. Maybe. Soup? I can think of over twenty thousand pursuits I like doing less than spooning up a nice hot bowl of soup on a crummy day (and let’s face it, it’s crummy half the time if you like soup like I do). So, this leads us to the math lesson for the day:

Butternut Squash + Cashews x Soup > Most Other Soups

Now, take this equation, (ok, it’s not an equation, it’s a thingerdoo) and square it by this wonderful recipe by my ol’ pal Tapp Francke Ignolia, and you’ve got a reason to break out the bowls. This soup is on!



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  1. ivalleria / Feb 20 2013 1:28 am

    A) Lance, I did not know that you are a cashew slut. And B) the link is broken. Please to fix? I love cashews myself. C) I once made a homemade cashew milk that was probably the most delicious thing I ever tasted. I thought it was a Heidi Swanson recipe, but I don’t see it online. Maybe it’s in her cookbook. I know she recommends subbing it for cream, to make things lighter/ healthier.

  2. lanceblair / Feb 24 2013 4:20 am

    A) I have no shame about this. B) I think it’s fixed now. ‘So sorry’ like a Canadian aboot that! C) Do tell…

  3. Tapp Francke Ingolia / Mar 22 2013 2:47 pm

    Thank you! BTW here is a recipe for cashew milk that will make you want to swim in the stuff. I can’t get enough. I had it over my oats this morning and was in heaven.

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