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March 26, 2012 / lanceblair

Super-Double-Agent Sneakiest-of-Chefs Veggie Trick

Sometimes kids go through phases of not being totally in love with vegetables. These phases can last even up through their Mid-Life Crises. There are many strategies to overcome this unwillingness to consume those icky green, orange, yellow, and red things on the plate; many of which involve stealthily incorporating blenderized veggies into otherwise delicious recipes. Last night, I came up with a fiendishly clever Super-Double-Agent Sneakiest-of-Chefs Veggie Trick that fooled my carrot-and-zucchini-avoiding kid into eating a serving of each. There is one condition to this however: your child must like Penne, preferably whole grain or multigrain. If that is the case, simply slice your vegetable of choice into small slender pieces that would fit into the tube of a nice buttery and cheesy piece of Penne, then cook it up in a pan for a bit and then insert the veggies into the sleeves of the Penne. It probably will add an extra two or three minutes of preparation time to the meal, but that’s quicker than the half-hour of trying to get your kid to eat their greens, oranges, yellows, and reds.

My apologies for not dishing out a splendorous grown-up foodie gem for this post, but it is Cooking and Happiness!


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